The Pittsburgh Steelers are our team and we root for them endlessly. Through the ups and downs we live and die with them.  They are the heart and sole of Pittsburgh and they represent us both on and off the field. We expect the best from them and demand nothing short of that.  If you stuck a needle in our arm you would see black and gold bleed from our veins. If you’re born into a Steeler family, you’re a Steeler fan, it’s in the blood line, it’s an inherited trait like brown hair or green eyes. Being a part of the Steel Nation is special and an honor and its’ something that is unique to not only the city of Pittsburgh but the entire country and world. If you bleed the black and gold, you are part of this tightly knit Nation of fans. We are a Steel Nation!
Here’s a little history on the team that provides us with our pulse:
The Pittsburgh Steelers were formed in 1933 by Art Rooney as the Pittsburgh Pirates. They began playing their games in Forbes Field and shared the stadium with the baseball Pittsburgh Pirates.  The team wasn’t very good in it’s initial years and changed their name in 1941 to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  In the 40’s they continued their woeful ways and only made the playoffs one time, in 1947 and would not make it again until 1972.  The team began splitting home games in 1958 at Pitt Stadium and Forbes Field.  From 1964-1969 they played full time at Pitt Stadium but continued to struggle.  
In 1970, the team moved to Three Rivers Stadium. In 1972 the Steelers as we know them were born. They drafted 4 future Hall of Famers that year, made the playoffs and the dynasty started to take shape. The 70’s saw the Steelers, led by coach Chuck Noll and QB Terry Bradshaw, win 4 Super Bowl titles.  They were the team of the decade and a true Steel Nation was born.  1975 also saw the birth of the Steeler staple, the Terrible Towel. 
The 1980’s saw the Steelers have some success but were not able to capture the magic of the 70’s. No matter, the fan base was there and ever supportive.
1991 saw Hall of Fame coach Chuck Noll retire and Bill Cowher was hired. Led by Cowher Power, the Steelers again began to dominate the 90’s winning their division often and were a fierce defensive team.  They appeared in the 95 Super Bowl under Cowher but did not win another title until 2005. Cowher departed and in came Mike Tomlin who promptly won a Super Bowl in his 2nd season in 2008 behind Big Ben Roethlisberger and Santonio Holmes. 
As we progress for years to come we will always support this team that is built on hard work and sweat. We love the defense and their fire, we love the ground game and it’s grind it out style and we love our Pittsburgh Steelers.