SNA Rewards


Here it is Steel Nation! Introducing Steel Nation Association Rewards.  This is your chance to earn SNA Points and redeem them for gift cards or other items. 

Here’s How It Works:

Refer a friend to Steel Nation Association, have them put your name in the referral box upon sign up and you get a point.  Each point is worth $1. After you earn 25 points, you’re eligible to redeem for your rewards!  You can turn them in for a gift card of your choice or continue to collect points. 

For example:

If you have 25 points, you can redeem for any gift card of your choice worth $25. If you have 40 points, you can redeem for a gift card worth $40 of your choice and so on. There is no limit on the amount of points you can earn and as we gain more participation and more members, the rewards ‘bin’ will expand and get bigger and better!

You’ll Get Updated:

Each month you’ll receive an e mail with your point total. Once you hit 25, you’re set to redeem!

Here’s how you redeem:

Send your name and requested amount of points you want to redeem and what gift card you want to redeem it for (you choose;  Best Buy, Macy’s etc) to  We’ll then get the card and send it to you via mail. 


A large portion of our proceeds will go directly to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh so the more you refer, the more you gain and the more the hospital gets all in one! 

Start referring today and redeem tomorrow!