11/12/20-Steel Nation Radio- Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers

By: Mike Pelaia

The 8-0 Steelers take on the newly energized Cincinnati Bengals led by rookie of the year front runner Joe Burrow.  Burrow is going to be a good, if not great, NFL quarterback and has had a great start so far this season but how will he hold up against a bruising black and gold defense on Sunday evening? Find out right here:


2 Comments on "11/12/20-Steel Nation Radio- Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers"

  1. Longarm on Thu, 12th Nov 2020 10:18 pm 

    Great podcast. Glad to see you back on the air. Looking forward to many more of your podcasts.

  2. Kate on Fri, 13th Nov 2020 8:37 am 

    Great to hear you Mike! Point taken on the Dallas game, not everyone has that same perspective but you are spot on. They got it done, let’s keep it going!