Steel Nation Associations’ Mock Mock Draft


With so many publications and TV stations putting out mock drafts, it all seems kind of ridiculous. Who can really predict every pick in the first round, let alone the entire draft? 

Sure, you can predict team needs but who can’t do that.  So with that said, we decided to put together our own mock draft. Each team gets a pick, based on something they need.

Enjoy the Steel Nation Association Mock Mock Draft. 





Pittsburgh Steelers

A 250,000 seat stadium.

There isn’t a Steeler fan out there who doesn’t want to attend a game   live. So the Steelers decided to pick the largest stadium in the history of   sports to accommodate as many fans as possible on Sunday afternoons.

Baltimore Ravens

A New set of team colors

Tough guys don’t wear purple, the Ravens decide to man up and pick a   color to fit their tough guy mentality.

Cincinnati Bengals

A law abiding Citizen

The Bengals figured they need at least one on their team.

Cleveland Browns

A Prayer

They need more than one to get to the promised land but figured they   better draft on to get moving in the right direction.

New England Patriots

A better way to cheat

Since getting caught cheating, the Pats have not won a Super Bowl.   The team figured they better devise a better way of not getting caught so   they can win titles again.

New York Jets

A QB Controversy

This is a requirement for the Jets

Miami Dolphins

Someone with Integrity

Clearly the team lacks this guy so they figured they better add at   least one to the roster.

Buffalo Bills

A time Machine

The Bills figured the only way they’d get good again is to go back to   the early 90’s.

Indianapolis Colts

A new Twitter password for Jim Irsay

The team figures the only way to keep their crazy owner off Twitter   is to draft a new password and keep it from him.

Houston Texans

Someone Who Actually Cares about them

Reality is, nobody cares about the Texans so the team decides to   draft someone who does.

Tennessee Titans

A better name

They currently have the worst name in the NFL so they decide to fix   it by drafting a new one

Jacksonville Jaguars

A New City

The team finally realized the only way they’ll survive is by getting   a new city to play in

Denver Broncos

A Ball that bounces their way

In the big games, that hasn’t happened for them so they decided to   draft one that would.

Kansas City Chiefs

A Pick Up Truck

It’s the only way to get Andy Reid on and off the field these days.

Oakland Raiders

A Clue

They haven’t had one in over a decade

San Diego Chargers

Cool Temperatures

With the perfect weather year round, the players stop caring about   football and only care about surfing. The cool temperatures were brought in   to refocus the team back on the task at hand.

NY Giants

A Ball that only goes to their players

It’s the only way to stop Eli from throwing picks

Washington Redskins

A new owner

They finally realize they can’t win anything with Danny Boy so they   draft a new owner.

Dallas Cowboys

A real GM

Jerry Jones finally understands he’s not an actual GM and brings in a   real one to run the football operations.

Philadelphia Eagles

Santa Clause

After booing him out of the stadium years ago, they decide to bring   him back to make things right.

Green Bay Packers

A QB who isn’t a jerk.

They haven’t had one since before Brett Favre.

Chicago Bears

Mike Ditka

They decide the only way they’ll truly be relevant is to bring Iron   Mike back.

Minnesota Vikings

Brett Favre

He’s better than any QB they currently have and lord knows he’d   probably play.

Detroit Lions

Changing football into hockey.

It’s the only thing they win in that town.

New Orleans Saints

Another devastating Hurricane

It took that to motivate the team last time so they decide to draft another   one.

Atlanta Falcons

Deion Sanders

They decide to bring Prime Time back to make them relevant again.

Carolina Panthers

A league change

The team decides they are better suited for Arena football and draft   a league change.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

A Pirate Ship

They figure they need one to board so they can get out of town after   continually disappointing their fans year after year.

Seattle Seahawks

A better musician to attach themselves to.

Out of all the great music to come out of Seattle, the team hitched   their wagon to Macklemore in 2013. They realized what a drastic mistake this   was and they draft a truly talented Seattle musician this time around.

San Francisco 49ers

A punching bag with Jim Harbaughs face on it

Everyone in their building wanted one.

St. Louis Rams

A highlight reel of 1999

They needed something to watch that they could enjoy

Arizona Cardinals

A Toilet Bowl

The team realized they belong in one.


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    Differnt take but cool.