10/23/16-PODCAST Steel Nation Radio Presented By Steelers Takeaways – Interview With Ed Bradley

Mike Pelaia and Ron Lippock of Steel Nation Radio Presented By Steelers Takeaways had an opportunity recently to catch up with former Steeler linebacker Ed Bradley.

Bradley played four seasons for the Pittsburgh Steelers and played a big role on the defensive shut down of the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IX, the Steelers first Super Bowl.  In this two part interview (Below), listen to some great stories from the past, with references to Chuck Noll, Joe Greene and Jack Lambert as well as Bradley’s input on injuries and how players and teams play through them as well as overcome them.  


Take A Listen:  Steel Nation Radio Episode 1 Part 1

Part 2:  Steel Nation Radio Ed Bradley Part 2


3 Comments on "10/23/16-PODCAST Steel Nation Radio Presented By Steelers Takeaways – Interview With Ed Bradley"

  1. kiki on Mon, 24th Oct 2016 6:51 pm 

    Really enjoyed the poscast! Looking forward to more!

  2. longarm on Mon, 24th Oct 2016 8:08 pm 

    Great Podcast! I truly enjoyed listing to Ed talk about the glory days of the Steelers. It was especially enjoyable listening to him reminisced about Super Bowl IX. It brought back great memories of the Black and Gold’s first Super Bowl win, which was the beginning of one of the greatest franchises in the NFL.

    I found it also very interesting on his take of todays players. He sure kept it real.
    I’m looking forward to hear more Podcast interviews from Steel Nation Association. Great jobs guys!

  3. Uncle Ed on Wed, 26th Oct 2016 12:34 pm 

    Congrats on your show! Great interview-good
    questions. Look forward to more.