Steelers Lose Late, Get Swept By Ravens

In one final drive the Steelers went from the drivers seat in the AFC North and an inside track at the AFC #1 seed to falling into 3rd place in the AFC North and hoping to score a wild card spot.  This was the game that was supposed to be revenge. The last time these teams faced off the Ravens beat the Steelers down 35-7. You knew that wouldn’t happen again but none of us would have anticipated the way the game finished.  After the Steelers came back from a 10 point, 16-6 4th quarter deficit the Steelers vaunted defense blew the game with just a little over two minutes to play. Joe Flacco led a 92 yard drive that culminated in a touchdown pass with 8 seconds left to put the stake in the heart of the Steelers.  It may have also ended their shot at a division title a bye week and a home game in the playoffs.  Being swept by the Ravens is a horrible, horrible feeling and now the team must rebound and get things straight next week.  The biggest problem today was the  defense, not only on the final drive but on third down throughout the entire game.  They gave up 12 conversions on third down tonight, you don’t win too many games when you can’t get off the field on thrid down. Specifically third and long.  The rush defense wasn’t the issue as they held the Ravens to 52 yards but the passing defense gave up 314 yards passing to Joe Flacco. This is the 2nd time this season that Flacco had his way with the Steelers defense.  If these teams face off for a third time this year then the Steelers better watch the film and figure out what’s going on there.

The great news on defense was James Harrison. He played like a man on a mission after missing the last 4 games due to an eye injury. He had 5 tackles, including 3 sackes and a forced fumble. He looked fresh, fast and able. That was great to see. Other than that, there were certainly hard hits and big plays but it’s hard to laude them after giving up the game losing drive the way they did. 

On offense Big Ben was great again, with 346 passing yards and 2 TD. He did have 1 INT and that was deep in Raven territory, that certainly didn’t help the outcome.  Antonio Brown was great again with 5 more catches for 109 yards.  He’s a rising star and and a big playmaker.  He’s going to be a factor downt he stretch and he can be a difference maker. 

Tonight wasn’t as well coached a game as last week, that’s for sure. They were great last week, but a little iffy this week. In particular the lack of decision making by Tomlin with about 3 minutes to play and a 4 point lead. He was unsure if he wanted to kick the field goal from 47 yards away or go for it. His lackluster decision making caused a delay of game, by his own admission, made his decision for him, they had to punt and ended up being beat by a TD where had he kicked the FG, assuming it was made, the TD would have done nothing more than tie. 

The game was certainly more Steelers/Ravens like than week 1 but the outcome was not nearly what we were looking for. As badly as the Steelers lost in week 1, this was a tougher pill to swollow. Losing in gut wrenching fashion at the end of the game is always tough and it takes a head strong resilient team to come back from that. This team is just that and they will need to turn things around quickly as they will go on the road next week to face an up start, surprising Bengal team.

Weekly Commentary:

Stars of the Game-James Harrison, he was everywhere. He had 5 tackles, 3 sacks and a forced fumble. In a game where the Steelers were missing Farrior and Woodley, he stepped up and did his part.

Antonio Brown-He did his part with 5 catches and 109 yards against a tough secondary.

Bench-David Johnson, he adds nothing from the FB or the TE position.

Cut-Daniel Sepulveda, he’s on IR again, time to say goobye.

Best Hands of the game:  Jerricho Cotchery, he caught two tipped ball and turned them into big first downs.

Double Standard of the game:  Ray Lewis hit Hines in the head and no foul was called. Ryan Clark does the same thing to the Ravens, less severe by the way, and he gets a personal foul.  Garbage.

6-3, up next: at Cincinnati, 6-2


2 Comments on "Steelers Lose Late, Get Swept By Ravens"

  1. longarm on Mon, 7th Nov 2011 1:34 pm 

    The Steelers made Flacco looked more like Big Ben in the last Ravens drive.
    Can we ever get off ther field on 3rd down?????

  2. kiki on Tue, 8th Nov 2011 4:56 pm 

    I wasn’t able to watch the end of the game, but went to bed thinking we had won as we were up by 4 with little time left. I felt the defense would hold out. I was surprised and sickened when I turned on the radio and heard the Ravens had won. Sickening loss:(